Sunday, December 7, 2008

Celebrating 1 Millionth status message

The response has been overwhelming. When we released on 15th September, 2008 we never thought that we would tough 1 millionth status message within 3rd month after release.

For curiosity, the 10,00,000th status message came from:

@lots of work: Smile costs u nothing!But can make some1 elses day!But dont simply laugh at some1, it can spoil both's day!!!

Keep sharing and reading,

Gtalkbots Team

Gtalkbots meet WordPress , Import your blogs

We continuously keep monitoring what our users are interested in sharing and how can we make sharing more easier for them. We analyzed that after status messages, most shared items are shared item comes from blogs.

Hence to make it easier for our users we integrated wordpress feeds in Gtalkbots.

Simply click on the Sync block and enter your wordpress blog url. After successful import, we will automatically sync in your blog posts as and when you write them in future.

In future we look to support even blogspot and livejournal.

Keep syncing and keep sharing,

Gtalkbots Team

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anagram - Online gaming first time on Gtalk Messengers

We are pleased to announce first ever game in the history of Gtalk messengers. Anagram, many of you might be familiar with it or even played many a times back in school and colleges.

Its a simple text based game, where you are given a jumbled word and you need to re-arrange it. E.g. You will be given huldos and you need to quickly identify that as should.

So getting bored back in college or office, add and type anagram to start gaming. Play and score well. Your score will turn up on the Gtalkbots front page.

We have kept this game open for the world i.e. one can play this game even without registering at Gtalkbots. However we will only save scores for registered users in our database.

A few important points:
  1. Add as your friend in Gtalk Messenger.
  2. Type rules to read them before you start gaming.

  3. Type anagram to start gaming.
  4. You will be given a jumbled word which you needs to rearrange and reply back.
  5. If your answer is correct you get 10 Points.
  6. If your answer is not correct and you are finding it tough to solve it, Type hint to get a clue, and a clue will be sent to all users playing the game.

  7. DO NOT FORGET to type exit when you are finished gaming. If you forget to do so, you will be considered as a part of next round being played and eventually your average score decreases.
  8. If total number of wrong answers = 5 (including all users), the bot will automatically reply back with correct answer and moves to the next word.
So try out and enjoy.
Do let us know about your suggestions and comments.

Gtalkbots Team

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Select one out of 37 themes, Jazz up your page

Colors! Colors! Colors! Are you bored of the classic theme. No worries, now choose one out of the 37 possible themes, customize and jazz up your page.

Simply click on Themes on top right corner of the header and choose your theme from the dialog box. Here are the steps to make it easy for you:
  1. Click on Themes on top right corner of the page:

  2. Choose a theme from the dialog box. You may test all the themes and when you are satisfied simply click Apply Theme:

Its as simple as this. We will introduce more themes in near future to meet everyone's mood and flavour.

Gtalkbots Team

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sharing and Embedding made more easy

Are you lazy enough to open and type in your stuff to share or embed? Then this one is for you.

Here are the steps:
  1. Click on Click to Share link on the sub-menu items.

  2. A modal pop-up will open with a textbox in it.
  3. Simply copy paster your status message and click Share my Stuff.
  4. Additionally if you want to embed your video, slide show etc, click on [embed][/embed] after pasting your embed code. It will automatically put the required tags around your embed code.
Keep sharing your stuffs,

Gtalkbots Team

Thursday, October 23, 2008

[New] Set a timer for you and your friends

How often it does happen that you and your net freak friend plan out a movie and he never makes it in time. You just wishes if there was something which could remind him on his screen about the movie which you have planned together. makes it all easy for you now. You can now set timer for yourself as well as for your friends whom you follow at

Steps to set a timer:
  1. Click on Set Timer on top left corner
  2. A modal pop-up window will appear on the screen.
  3. Choose a time for the timer
  4. Enter the username of your friend, for whom you are setting the timer (leave as self for yourself)
  5. Enter a message, which you want to appear along with timer on your or your friend screen.
  6. Click Set Timer and thats it.
Below is an example modal pop-up window which you will see:

Who all can set a timer for me?
By default all your friend who are tracking you on can set a timer for you.

What if I don't want a timer from anyone?
We respect your privacy and we have made provisions for you to choose between who can and who cannot set a timer for you. Simply visit Manage Timer section under My Stuff

There you will see 3 panels:
  1. Upcoming timers for you, which tells what all timer you can expect for yourself. If you want, you can cancel an upcoming timer.
  2. Timers set by you, shows timers set by you for your friends. You may cancel a timer, previously set by you.
  3. Grant and Revoke Permissions: By default all users who are tracking you can set a timer for you. You may choose to revoke these permission from one or from all at once.
Finally, here is a screen shot from the bot sending an alert at your specified timer time.

Try out and let us know your feedbacks on this new addon.
Keep sharing your status messages,

Gtalkbots Team